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Fine Bone China - Made in England !!

By request we have started to manufacture fine bone china products again, you may still remember us as Lane End Pottery from years ago. We are sure you all know the story of the decline in the pottery industry due to cheap foreign imports flooding into Britain. However due to improvements in the standards of living overseas prices of imported goods are now increasing.

It seems we have gone full circle and ceramic manufacturing is on its way back to the UK !. Starting manufacturing fine bone china from scratch will take time, effort and patience Please bear with us, our aim is to increase production levels and introduce fine bone china items into our range of 'top quality' products.

Fine bone china york mug
Fine Bone China York Mug
Fine bone china lyric mug
Fine Bone China Lyric Mug
Fine bone china balmoral mug
Fine Bone China Balmoral Mug
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